• bioslimforte - 120 days (4 bottles)

bioslimforte complements your food, increases the metabolism and thermogenesis, regulates the blood sugar, prevents sugar cravings and hunger pangs, helps your body to detox and reduces body fat. Within one month you will notice the difference. You could join a gym or walk for half an hour a day. You will feel fit and much more comfortable in your own body!

With just 1 cap a day, the effects of bioslimforte are felt immediately. Make sure that you drink enough water, 2 litres at least. When you have reached your ideal weight, bioslimforte. will help you to maintain it. And you will not be the victim of yet another yo-yo diet.

One bottle of bioslimforte contains 30 caps.


Bitter cucumber, Bitter leaf, Apple Aloe, Cassia seed, Lotus leaf, Jujube, Bitter gourd, Gamboge fruit, Kiwi fruit, konjac exteactive powder, Sweet potato fiber.


Do not use bioslimforte:

– if you have prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate gland) or glaucoma (chronic eye disease)

– if you have high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and/or heart problems

– if you have a chronic condition such as hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland), kidney or liver problems

– if you are pregnant or breast-feeding – in combination with other medicines

– if you are under 18 years of age – in case of psychosis, drugs, medicine or alcohol addiction

Possible side effects

Cold hands and feet is your body’s reaction to the reduced intake of solid foods. When you eat large meals your body produces a lot of heat, whereas smaller meals produce less heat

Dry throat drinking insufficient water will give you a dry throat. Your body requires a lot of water to eliminate all toxins from your body. We recommend about 2 litres a day.

Giddiness is a possible side effect of any slimming diet and this should only last a few days.

bioslimforte® complies with the GMP regulations, the Good Manufacturing Practices. GMPs are required by the US Trade Laws, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) section 501 (B) of the 1938 Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (21USCS §351). This means that during the whole production process specific requirements for a safe and sound production are followed.

bioslimforte - 120 days (4 bottles)

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